Levi Ackerman’s 3 Hobbies That Make Him Human

Levi Ackermans 3 Hobbies That Make Him Human

The “humanity’s strongest soldier” Levi Ackerman has always been known for his special bloodline that enhanced physical capabilities, surpassing regular humans, making him an unbeatable fighter on the battlefield. Though this is the main factor that garnered him the largest fanbase among Attack on Titan fandom, sometimes it kinda makes him seem a bit distant and somewhat nonhuman.

However, things are not always what you think them to be. We are here to remind you that Levi is actually more of a human than an extraordinary entity, which can be proven through some of his very hobbies that will make you scream “cute!” once you get to know about them. Let’s find out which are the 3 interesting hobbies that created our Captain Levi‘s signature characteristics.

Cleaning and Tidying

Levi has a well-known obsession with cleanliness and maintaining order. Really, his obsession with cleanliness is no joke! The heicho takes tidiness to a whole new level. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that Levi won’t rest until every nook and cranny is spotless.

While his comrades are busy fighting Titans and saving humanity, Levi’s on a mission to vanquish a different kind of enemy: dirt! Whether it’s his perfectly organized quarters or the Scout Regiment headquarters, Levi won’t tolerate even a speck of dust. If you thought his sword skills were impressive, wait till you see him wield a feather duster!

One thing that can make Levi Ackerman smile? – Personal hygiene at its finest! Heicho knows that looking good starts with feeling clean. He’s constantly grooming himself, ensuring not a hair is out of place. You won’t catch him with a wrinkle on his uniform or a smudge on his face. He’s got that “cleanliness is next to godliness” thing down pat.

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But hey, let’s give credit where it’s due. Levi’s cleanliness obsession isn’t just for laughs. It’s symbolic, you know? In a world overrun by Titans, chaos, and grim realities, maintaining order and cleanliness is his way of asserting control. It’s like his superpower against the messiness of life.

And of course, fans have latched onto this quirky trait like lint on a black suit. The memes, fan art, and fanfiction dedicated to Levi’s cleanliness antics are endless. From him organizing his comrades’ belongings to epic battles against invisible germs, the fandom has turned his cleaning obsession into a barrel of laughs.

So, when you think of Captain Levi Ackerman, don’t just picture a badass soldier fighting for humanity. Also picture him armed with a mop, a feather duster, and a determined glare, ready to take down dirt and disorder. Because in the world of Attack on Titan, one thing is certain: with Levi Ackerman around, you’ll never have to worry about a messy room or a dirty corner again!

The obsession with Tea

Though Levi Ackerman’s obsession with tea is rather popular as a fan interpretation and meme within the Attack on Titan community, and not a canon aspect of his character in the manga or anime series, it has gained traction and popularity among fans and actually, getting vaguely confirmed a couple of times by the author Isayama Hajime himself! In fact, Isayama has confirmed but not explicitly delved into this aspect of Levi’s personality, but we can explore how it might fit into his backstory and future aspirations based on what is known about Levi Ackerman.

So, Levi’s backstory includes a life of hardship and struggle. As a former member of the Underground, he faced poverty and was forced to take part in various illegal activities to survive. It is plausible to imagine that during this time, Levi discovered a love for tea – a noble hobby that only the rich can have – as a form of solace and escape from the harsh realities of his environment.

Levi Ackerman’s tea obsession could have manifested as an appreciation for the art of tea-making, the different varieties and flavors, and the tranquil atmosphere that comes with enjoying a cup of tea. Perhaps he found comfort in the ritualistic aspects of preparing and savoring tea, as it offered a temporary respite from the chaos that surrounded him. In a backstory suggested by the author, Levi once splurged on a particularly exquisite and expensive tea cup, driven by his desire to possess the best tools for his tea brewing. This incident could have occurred during his time in the Survey Corps, where he had access to more resources and occasional opportunities to indulge himself.

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However, in a moment of clumsiness, Levi accidentally broke his precious tea cup (due to not being familiar with holding such a pricey and delicate item – hope the tea didn’t splash all over Captain Levi shirt). This event could have had a significant impact on him, serving as a metaphor for the fragility of beauty and the impermanence of material possessions. Levi’s reaction to this loss could have been a moment of introspection, pushing him to reevaluate his priorities and contemplate the true value of the things he treasures.

Looking towards the future, it is not surprising that Levi would entertain the idea of opening a teashop once the war against the Titans has ended. As a man who has experienced the horrors of battle, he likely longs for a peaceful existence and an opportunity to pursue his passion for tea in a more stable environment. Opening a teashop would allow him to share his knowledge and love for tea with others, creating a serene haven where people can relax and find solace.

Well… still, it is important to note that these details about Levi’s tea obsession, his backstory involving a broken tea cup, and his aspirations for a teashop are not explicitly confirmed by Hajime Isayama, and not an official aspect of his character, but rather being originated from fan-created content and memes. However, based on the known characteristics and experiences of Levi Ackerman, this tea obsession thing is an interpretation that adds depth and complexity to his character, reflecting his desire for tranquility and beauty amidst the chaos and brutality of the world he inhabits.

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Grooming himself in a unique way

Since Levi Ackerman is a man of discipline, he also pays a lot of attention to grooming himself and to look neat. Well, you might think this guy is too rigid, but it actually tells a lot about his personality as a man who loves to look good in any circumstance.

The cravat, perpetually draped around his neck, became inseparable from his image. Levi’s signature cravat is like a symbol for his commitment to excellence and enhancing his authority. Even when his uniform was absent, Levi prefers a neat black suit rather than ordinary clothes. Every detail meticulously attended to, Levi is just being effortlessly sophisticated. Whether he’s saving humanity or just going out for a stroll, he’s always dressed to the nines. It’s all about projecting confidence and looking damn good while doing it.

Levi Ackerman’s killer hairstyle? Oh, that’s a work of art he crafts himself. You won’t catch him sitting in some fancy barbershop chair because he’s got his own personal hair salon going on.

You see, it’s more than just hair for Levi. There’s a touching backstory behind it. His mom used to cut his hair when he was a kid. They had this special bond. But when she passed away, Levi decided to take matters into his own hands, quite literally. He picked up the scissors, determined to pay tribute to his dear mother by keeping up the tradition.

Plus, there’s another practical side to it. Levi’s a practical guy. He doesn’t have stacks of cash lying around for fancy hairdressing sessions. So, cutting his own hair not only honors his mother but also keeps his wallet happy. That self-styled hair has become his trademark, his personal touch. It’s a reminder of love, resilience, and making do with what you have. So, next time you see Levi rocking that perfect ‘do, remember, it’s not just hair—it’s a masterpiece shaped by a son’s love and a testament to his resourcefulness.


So, Levi is the clean freak extraordinaire who loves to enjoy tea and dressing like a boss. In a nutshell, his hobbies reveal a guy who values cleanliness, knows how to find joy in the small stuff, and never settles for anything less than dapper. He’s a one-of-a-kind character with quirks that make him all the more awesome. So, raise a cuppa and salute to Levi Ackerman and his kick-ass hobbies!

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