Eren and Levi: Who is more popular among Attack on Titan fandom?

Eren and Levi Who is more popular among Attack on Titan fandom

Eren and Levi are probably the two characters who possess the most dedicated and passionate fanbases within the Attack on Titan fandom. The fans of each character often have their own reasons for connecting with and supporting their favorites. However, nonfans sometimes get confused between Eren and Levi, because though Eren is the main protagonist, Levi seems to be the most popular character in the series.

Today, let’s delve into some of the reasons making Eren and Levi the most loved, most popular and also… most hated characters in Attack on Titan.

The reasons creating Eren Yeager’s huge fanbase

Eren Yeager, the protagonist of Attack on Titan, is a complex and dynamic character who undergoes a significant transformation throughout the story. His determination, strategic thinking, and unwavering resolve have resonated with many fans. Eren’s journey and his role as the central figure in the series have garnered him a large following. His fanbase most appreciates his complex and multi-dimensional character. Many fans are drawn to his determination to protect his loved ones and achieve his goals, and the emotional journey he undergoes throughout the series. Eren’s transformation and the moral ambiguity surrounding his actions have sparked intense discussions and debates among fans, further fueling their interest and investment in his character.

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However, also from here that many Attack on Titan fans view Eren as a villain. The question of whether Eren can be considered a villain is a complex one and is rather open to interpretation. Eren’s character undergoes significant development throughout the series, and his actions are heavily influenced by his motivations and beliefs. Without delving into specific plot details or spoiling the story, it can be said that Eren’s actions become increasingly morally ambiguous as the series progresses. While some may view him as a hero fighting for freedom and justice, others may see him as a villain due to the extreme measures he takes to achieve his goals, which resulting in a mild decreasing in the number of his followings due to a lot of viewers getting frustrated with his so-called inconsequential decisions.

Still, since the story of Attack on Titan explores themes of morality, war, and the consequences of one’s choices, it challenges the notion of clear-cut heroes and villains, blurring the lines between right and wrong. This ambiguity is intentional, and different readers or viewers may have different interpretations of Eren’s character. Ultimately, Eren’s multi-dimensional character, his determination, strategic thinking, and unwavering resolve to protect his friends and achieve his goals attracts a huge number of fans strongly rooting for him.

Levi Ackerman’s army is no less crowded

Levi Ackerman, on the other hand, is more on the white side with very little shade of grey. He’s one of the top fan-favorite characters thanks to his exceptional combat skills and stoic demeanor. Levi has gained popularity due to his cool and collected nature, as well as his impressive fight scenes. His mysterious past also contributed to his appeal, and his character design, has also significantly resulted in his great number of followers.

The biggest reason fans are particularly drawn to Levi is his exceptional fighting prowess and combat skills. Levi is widely regarded as one of the most skilled fighters in Shingeki no Kyojin. His agility, speed, and accuracy in combat are unmatched, allowing him to effortlessly maneuver through dangerous situations and take down enemies with incredible precision. This ability of Levi has created badass and intense fight scenes in some of the most memorable and intense moments. Fans appreciate the adrenaline-inducing battles he engages in, where he takes on powerful enemies and emerges victorious.

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Levi’s popularity among fans to some extent is also attributed to his appearance design. Levi’s visual features are considered attractive by many, such as his handsome appearance, gray piercing eyes, clean and neat uniform, and stylish undercut hairstyle. Though it is cool for an important character to have such a nice visual appeal, Levi Ackerman’s character design and certain aspects of his portrayal have led some to perceive him as an example of fan service. Fan service refers to the inclusion of elements or scenes in a work of fiction that are intended to please or cater to the desires of the fans, often in a way that emphasizes attractiveness or appeal. So, while countless of fans swoon over Levi for his looks, many others have exit his fandom as they gradually find Levi more of a fan service than a realistic and relatable character.

However, it’s worth noting that Levi’s character goes beyond being solely fan service. He has a well-developed backstory, complex relationships with other characters, and significant contributions to the plot. While his physical appearance and some of his actions may be appealing to fans, his popularity is not solely based on fan service elements. Ultimately, the perception of Levi Ackerman as fan service can vary among individuals, and different fans may have different opinions on the matter. Some may view certain aspects of his character as fan service, while others appreciate his overall depth and contribution to the story.

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Eren and Levi are equally loved

In conclusion, the question of who is more popular among Attack on Titan fans, Levi Ackerman or Eren Yeager, is a matter of personal preference within the fandom. Both characters have amassed significant fanbases, each with their own unique reasons for their admiration.

Levi Ackerman’s popularity stems from his exceptional combat skills, stoic demeanor, and intriguing backstory. Fans are captivated by his cool and collected nature, as well as his unwavering loyalty and protective instincts. Levi’s distinct character design, intense fight scenes, and memorable quotes have further solidified his status as a fan-favorite.

Eren Yeager, on the other hand, has garnered a large following due to his complex character development, determination, and transformative journey throughout the series. Fans are drawn to his unwavering resolve, strategic thinking, and the moral ambiguity surrounding his actions. Eren’s role as the central figure in the story, coupled with his emotional depth and impactful moments, has resonated with many.

Ultimately, the question of popularity between Levi and Eren varies among individual fans. Some may gravitate towards Levi’s combat prowess and enigmatic persona, while others may be captivated by Eren’s character growth and the moral dilemmas he faces. Both characters have left a lasting impact on the Attack on Titan fandom, contributing to the rich tapestry of the series and igniting passionate discussions among fans.

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