5 Male Characters In Attack On Titan That Female Fans Swoon Over The Most

5 Male Characters In Attack On Titan That Female Fans Swoon Over The Most

Attack on Titan, a riveting and dark fantasy series, has captivated audiences worldwide. Among the diverse and compelling cast of characters, some male characters stand tall as fan-favorites, particularly among female viewers. These characters’ popularity can be attributed to a multitude of reasons, ranging from unmatched combat skills to unique personas and complex backstories. In this article, we will explore why these 5 male characters are most loved by female fans in Attack on Titan.

#1: Levi Ackerman

Captain Levi, renowned for his unparalleled combat skills and enigmatic persona, has captured the hearts and imaginations of countless viewers. There are only a few reasons behind Levi’s status as the most beloved male character in Attack on Titan, both two versions – Levi manga and Levi anime, and each of these reasons is totally convincing.

Firstly, Levi’s exceptional combat skills are a primary reason for his immense popularity. Being dubbed as “the humanity’s strongest soldier”, he effortlessly slices through Titans with grace and precision, leaving viewers in awe of his prowess. Female fans are drawn to his unparalleled abilities, admiring his agility, speed, and mastery of the vertical maneuvering equipment. Levi’s proficiency in battle showcases his strength and determination, making him an irresistible character to root for.

Levi’s mysterious and stoic demeanor adds an intriguing layer to his character, captivating female fans’ imagination. His rare Levi Ackerman smile and minimal dialogue create an air of enigma that fans find alluring. Levi’s composed nature in the face of danger also portrays a sense of reliability and dependability, qualities that fans find appealing. His emotional restraint, coupled with occasional glimpses of vulnerability, adds depth to his personality, making him a well-rounded and complex character.

Despite his unmatched skills and near-flawless execution, Levi is not without his flaws. Female fans appreciate characters with realistic and relatable imperfections, and Levi possesses a few of his own. His obsessive-compulsive tendencies and his intense drive for cleanliness provide a fun touch into his humanity. These flaws make him more relatable and endearing, as they demonstrate that even the strongest individuals have their struggles and vulnerabilities.

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In all the backstories in Attack on Titan, it can be said that Levi’s is the most miserable. Levi’s tragic past and the emotional depth it brings to his character resonates strongly with female fans. His backstory, filled with loss, abandonment, and hardship evokes empathy and sympathy. Levi’s resilience in the face of adversity and his unwavering determination to protect his comrades strikes an emotional chord with viewers. Witnessing his journey of growth and seeing how he carries the weight of his past adds layers of complexity to his character, fostering a deep emotional connection with female fans.

Levi’s unwavering loyalty and protectiveness towards his friends and comrades make him an immensely endearing character. His fierce dedication to the Survey Corps and his willingness to put himself in harm’s way to safeguard his team resonates with fans. Female viewers are drawn to Levi’s loyalty with Erwin Smith, appreciating his steadfast commitment to those he cares about as a sign of his admirable character and integrity.

Finally, one of the most important reasons that makes Levi Ackerman the most beloved male character in AOT is his aesthetic appeal. His physical appearance undoubtedly contributes to his popularity among female fans. The striking jet black hair, piercing teal eyes, and a short yet lean and athletic build making female fans find Levi Ackerman hot and visually captivating. Levi’s unique and stylish outfit complete with his signature cravat also adds to his charismatic appeal. All these factors combined with his multifaceted personality, creates a magnetic attraction that captivates 99% female viewers.

In conclusion, Levi Ackerman’s immense popularity among female fans in Attack on Titan can be attributed to a combination of factors. His unmatched combat skills, enigmatic persona, complex backstory, flawed perfection, loyalty, and protectiveness all contribute to his allure. Female viewers are drawn to his strength, resilience, and emotional depth, making him an irresistible character to root for. Levi’s captivating presence, both visually and emotionally, cements his place as the No.1 most loved male character among Attack on Titan fandom.

#2: Eren Yeager

While Levi Ackerman may hold the title of the most beloved male character by female fans in the Attack on Titan anime, Eren Yeager‘s captivating journey and intricate character development have secured him a close second place. Thanks to his complex personality, riveting character development, and profound impact on the narrative, Eren has had a significant appeal to female fans.

It can be said that Eren’s character arc in Attack on Titan is one characterized by remarkable complexity and depth. From the outset, he possesses a burning desire for freedom, constantly challenging the oppressive world he inhabits. This unwavering determination, coupled with his relentless pursuit of justice, resonates with female fans who appreciate strong-willed characters striving to change the status quo.

Eren’s multifaceted personality is a key factor in his appeal. While initially portrayed as headstrong and impulsive, his evolution throughout the series showcases remarkable growth and maturity. Female fans are drawn to the nuanced exploration of Eren’s emotions, his internal conflicts, and the vulnerability he occasionally exhibits, allowing them to connect with his struggles on a deeper level.

Eren Yeager’s emotional intensity and empathy is also one of the most fascinating sides of him. His journey is rife with emotional turmoil, tragedy, and sacrifice. His unwavering commitment to protecting his loved ones and his passionate pursuit of justice tug at the heartstrings of female fans. Witnessing his sorrow, anger, and determination fuels a rollercoaster of emotions, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.t

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Additionally, Eren’s empathetic nature, showcased through his unwavering loyalty and willingness to shoulder the burdens of others, resonates with female fans. he beautiful Eren x Armin friendship also adds to Eren’s beloved qualities. His ability to understand and empathize with the pain and suffering of those around him demonstrates a depth of compassion that fosters a strong emotional connection with viewers.

Unlike traditional hero archetypes, Eren Yeager is a character plagued by moral ambiguity and conflicting ideals. This flawed heroism adds an intriguing layer to his personality, captivating female fans who appreciate complex characters. Eren’s actions often blur the lines between right and wrong, forcing viewers to question their own moral compasses and challenging conventional notions of heroism.

This moral complexity is further accentuated by Eren’s willingness to sacrifice everything, even his own humanity, in the pursuit of freedom. The depth of his convictions, even when they become questionable, engenders discussions among female fans about the nature of sacrifice, the cost of freedom, and the complexities of human nature.

To sum up, Attack on Titan Eren Yeager‘s complexity, emotional intensity, and moral ambiguity make him a multifaceted character that female fans find engrossing and relatable. Through his journey, viewers are invited to reflect on their own ideals, wrestle with complex emotions, and ponder the nature of heroism. Eren Yeager’s profound impact on the narrative and his ability to evoke deep emotional connections have firmly established him as a beloved character among female fans of Shingeki no Kyojin.

#3: Erwin Smith

Among the Attack on Titan male characters, Erwin Smith, the charismatic and strategic commander of the Survey Corps, has garnered a devoted following, particularly among female fans. His contribution to the AOT plot is significant, and he stands out as the third most loved male character by female fans.

Erwin’s intelligence is one of his most prominent traits, which has captivated female fans. As the commander of the Survey Corps, Erwin demonstrates unparalleled strategic thinking and analytical skills. His ability to devise intricate plans, evaluate risks, and adapt to dynamic situations makes him an indispensable asset in the fight against the Titans. Erwin’s intellect not only ensures the survival of his comrades but also showcases his unwavering commitment to humanity’s cause. Female fans are drawn to his sharp mind, finding intelligence attractive and alluring.

The exceptional intelligence is complemented by Erwin’s remarkable leadership qualities. His unwavering determination, calm demeanor, and ability to inspire and motivate his subordinates have made him an iconic character. Female fans appreciate Erwin’s leadership style, as he leads by example and earns the respect of those around him. His unwavering dedication to the Survey Corps’ mission, even in the face of overwhelming odds, demonstrates his selflessness and inspires others to follow his lead.

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Another reason why Erwin Smith is beloved by female fans is his profound relationship with Levi Ackerman, a fellow member of the Survey Corps. Their connection goes beyond the boundaries of friendship, as it is rooted in mutual respect, trust, and a shared sense of purpose. Erwin and Levi’s dynamic presents a fascinating interplay of personalities, with Erwin’s intellectual prowess complementing Levi’s unparalleled combat skills.

Erwin’s unwavering trust in Levi’s abilities as humanity’s strongest soldier and his willingness to shoulder the burden of his decisions evoke admiration from female fans. The emotional depth and loyalty exhibited between Erwin and Levi make their relationship both intriguing and heartwarming, leading to a heightened connection with female viewers.

During the battle of Shiganshina, Erwin’s sacrifice further cements his place as a beloved character. In a pivotal moment, Erwin selflessly chooses to entrust his dream of uncovering the truth about the Titans to his subordinates, urging them to carry on in his place. This act of sacrifice, driven by his unwavering commitment to humanity, resonates deeply with female fans, portraying Erwin as a selfless and honorable figure.

The weight of Erwin’s sacrifice and the legacy he leaves behind continue to inspire admiration and affection from female fans. Through his actions, Erwin exemplifies the qualities of a true hero, evoking an emotional response and deepening the connection female fans feel toward him.

From there, Erwin Smith’s status as the third most loved male character among female fans. Through his sacrifice and unwavering commitment, the dancho of the Survey Corps leaves a lasting impact on the story and the hearts of fans. His intellectual prowess, combined with his complex relationship with Levi, further solidifies his position as a beloved character among female viewers. As the story of Attack on Titan unfolds, Erwin Smith’s legacy will continue to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

#4: Armin Arlert

Armin Arlert – the Survey Corps 5th commander and Eren Yeager’s best friend also made his name into the top most loved male characters in the anime Attack on Titan. Armin possesses an unmatched strategic brilliance that captivates fans worldwide. Following in the footsteps of Erwin Smith, Armin showcases an extraordinary ability to analyze complex situations and devise tactical plans that push the boundaries of human capability. His quick thinking and insightful observations have proven crucial in the ongoing battle against the Titans, earning him the respect and admiration of fans.

Armin’s inheritance of Erwin’s legacy is a testament to his character development and growth. As Erwin’s protégé, he embraces the responsibility of leading humanity to victory, all while striving to maintain the ideals and determination of his predecessor. This connection with Erwin’s character resonates deeply with fans, as it symbolizes the passing of the torch and the relentless pursuit of justice.

The unbreakable relationship between Armin and Eren also forms the emotional core of Attack on Titan, drawing fans in with its depth and complexity. Their friendship, forged in their early childhood days, has been tested time and again amidst the chaos of the Titan-infested world. The unwavering loyalty and mutual trust between these two characters serve as an inspiring example of the power of friendship.

Armin’s unwavering faith in Eren, even in the face of doubt and uncertainty, demonstrates his profound belief in the inherent goodness of his childhood friend. Through their shared experiences and struggles, Armin has witnessed the evolution of Eren’s character, standing by him even when others turn away. This unwavering support resonates deeply with fans, who appreciate the enduring bond and unwavering dedication between these characters.

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There’s a fact that Armin’s character has transcended traditional gender roles often seen in many mangas, appealing to female fans due to his intellectual sensitivity and emotional depth. He possesses a thoughtful and introspective nature that enables him to delve into profound questions about the nature of humanity, sacrifice, and morality. Armin’s ability to empathize with others, coupled with his determination to protect those he cares about, creates a multi-dimensional character that resonates with fans on an emotional level.

Moments of vulnerability and self-doubt also make Armin relatable and endearing to fans. Despite his fears and insecurities, he consistently rises above them, showcasing immense bravery and resilience. Female fans appreciate the complexity of his character, finding inspiration in his ability to overcome personal obstacles and make selfless decisions for the greater good.

Armin’s journey from a timid and unsure character to a confident and capable leader has been one of the most compelling aspects of his development. Female fans are drawn to characters who undergo significant growth, and Armin exemplifies this transformation. His journey from a seemingly insignificant member of the 104th Training Corps to a key strategist and then the 15th commander of the Survey Corps reflects his determination and tenacity.

In conclusion, Armin Arlert’s popularity among female fans stems from his intellectual sensitivity, his unbreakable bond with Eren, his inheritance of Erwin’s legacy and his remarkable growth as a character. The dedication to self-improvement and his constant pursuit of knowledge resonates with fans who appreciate Armin’s intellectual curiosity. His thirst for understanding the mysteries of the Titans and the world they inhabit serves as a driving force for his character and contributes to his widespread appeal. Armin’s journey in Attack on Titan embodies the triumph of friendship, personal growth, and the unwavering pursuit of justice, making him the fourth most loved male character among female enthusiasts.

#5: Jean Kirstein

Jean Kirstein is also one of the male characters that has emerged as a female fan favorite in Attack on Titan. His journey throughout the series is marked by significant character development and growth. Starting as a self-centered and cynical individual, Jean gradually transforms into a compassionate and dependable leader. This evolution resonates with female fans, who appreciate his relatable portrayal of personal growth and overcoming internal struggles.

Jean’s relatable flaws definitely make him a more authentic and endearing character. Initially driven by self-preservation, he embodies the doubts and uncertainties that arise in the face of danger. His vulnerability appeals to female viewers, as they empathize with his internal conflicts and the challenges he faces in a brutal and unforgiving world. Jean possesses a multifaceted personality that contributes to his popularity among female fans. He exhibits a mixture of pragmatism and idealism, showcasing both intelligence and heart. His sarcastic and witty remarks provide comic relief amidst the darkness of the series, making him one the most relatable and engaging characters in Attack on Titan.

One of the primary factors contributing to Jean’s popularity is his intricate relationship with Mikasa Ackerman. While their dynamic is not as central as the bond between Mikasa and the protagonist, Eren Yeager, Jean’s interactions with Mikasa offer a refreshing contrast. Their relationship evolves from initial friction and mutual distrust to a mutual understanding and respect, creating compelling chemistry that resonates with fans.

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Jean and Mikasa’s relationship highlights their mutual growth as individuals. Initially, Jean resents Mikasa’s unwavering devotion to Eren and views her as overprotective. However, as the series progresses, he begins to appreciate Mikasa’s strength and determination, recognizing her loyalty as an admirable trait. Their interactions showcase character growth and demonstrate the importance of overcoming prejudices and fostering understanding.

Jean Kirstein has been involved in several emotionally charged scenes that have left a lasting impact on viewers. Whether it’s his heartfelt speech during the Battle of Trost or his selfless acts of heroism, Jean’s moments of vulnerability and sacrifice resonate with fans, evoking a range of emotions. Female viewers, in particular, are drawn to his sincerity and emotional depth, further cementing his position as a beloved character.

Jean’s transformation from a reluctant soldier to a natural leader is another reason why he captures the hearts of female fans. He exhibits strong leadership qualities, such as strategic thinking, empathy, and the ability to inspire and motivate others. These traits make him an admirable figure, as he navigates the challenges of the Titan-infested world while striving to protect and unite his comrades.

Therefore, Jean Kirstein’s popularity as the fifth most loved male character by female fans among Attack on Titan anime characters is a testament to the depth of his character and his compelling relationships. Through his relatable flaws, personal growth, and complex interactions with Mikasa Ackerman, Jean has won the hearts of viewers worldwide. His evolution from a self-centered skeptic to a compassionate and dependable leader has resonated with audiences, fostering a deep connection and making him an endearing character in the eyes of many.


Well, in the captivating world of Attack on Titan, numerous male characters have left an indelible mark on the hearts of female fans. From the enigmatic and stoic Levi Ackerman to the determined and complex Eren Yeager, these characters have inspired admiration and adoration. Erwin Smith’s strategic brilliance, Armin Arlert’s intelligence, and Jean Kirstein’s growth have also captured the hearts of many. While the preferences may vary among fans, it is undeniable that these characters have resonated with female viewers, leaving a lasting impression through their unique qualities and compelling narratives. Their appeal continues to thrive, contributing to the enduring popularity of Attack on Titan.

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