8 Spooktacular Ideas for Family of 3 Halloween Costumes

Halloween is creeping closer, and that means one thing: costume time! Picking out the perfect costume is the best part, especially when you get to do it with your whole family. But with three people, it can feel like there are too many choices – and not enough! Don’t worry, we’ve got a cauldron full of ideas for family of 3 Halloween costumes to make this Halloween the most boo-tiful yet!

Disney Delights

Disneyland might be a magical place, but you can bring the magic home this Halloween with some classic Disney Halloween costumes! Here are a few ideas that are perfect for families of 3:

The Lion King

Dad: Roar into Halloween as the mighty Mufasa! Wear a brown robe or a big shirt, and maybe grab a toy lion mane (or a headband with some orange felt!).

Mom: Be the wise Sarabi, Mufasa’s queen. A golden-ish colored dress or a flowy scarf will do the trick.

Little One: Time for the future king to shine! Dress your little cub up in a Simba costume, or make a cute little Simba hat with some orange construction paper and brown felt. Don’t forget the big smile!

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Mom: Channel the brave Moana! A brown skirt and top will work, and maybe add some shells or flowers for decoration.

Dad: Get silly as the demigod Maui! Grab a brown shirt and some fake muscles (stuffed pillows under the shirt work wonders!), and don’t forget his iconic fish hook necklace – you can make one with some cardboard and paint!

Little One: Is Pua the pig your little one’s favorite? Dress them up all in pink, or grab a pink stuffed animal pig for an easy (and adorable!) costume.

Mickey Mouse and Friends

Dad: Get those big round ears on – it’s Mickey Mouse time! Black pants, a white shirt with black buttons, and some big black felt circles for ears will make you instantly recognizable.

Mom: Who could forget Minnie Mouse? A red and white polka-dot dress with a big red bow on her head is all you need to bring this iconic character to life.

Little One: Donald Duck is perfect for your little one! A yellow shirt, an orange beak (construction paper works!), a blue hat, and maybe even some black socks for feet – quacktastic!

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Creative Capers

Looking for something a little more unique, more creative Halloween costumes? We’ve got some ideas that are sure to turn heads (in a good way!):

The Culinary Crew

Dad: Channel your inner chef! Wear some white pants and a white hat (a chef’s hat or a baker’s hat works!), and maybe grab a fake apron too.

Mom: Feeling cheesy? Be a giant pizza! Wear a red shirt and some white pants, and then cut out circles of red and white felt for pepperoni and cheese. You can even attach some cardboard “crust” to your bottom half!

Little One: Ketchup or mustard, your choice! Dress your little one up in red or yellow clothes, and create a label with their favorite condiment on it (construction paper is your friend!).

Gingerbread Man @charmsie (1)

Underwater Adventure

Dad: Grab your goggles and flippers (beach toys work!), because it’s time to be a scuba diver! Wear some swim trunks or blue pants and a blue shirt, and don’t forget the fake mask.

Mom: Be a sparkling mermaid! A flowy blue skirt is a great base, and you can add some green and blue streamers for seaweed. Don’t forget a sparkly top and maybe even a seashell headband!

Little One: Let your little one swim as a colorful fish! Wear a silver shirt for the fish’s body and cut out a fin shape from some felt to attach to the back.

Superhero Squad

Everyone: Here’s the chance to create your own family of superheroes! Wear bright clothes and grab some fun masks (construction paper cutouts are perfect!). Now, come up with your own special powers! Dad can be Super Strength, Mom can be Super Speed, and your little one can be Super Smarts. The possibilities are endless!

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Punny Perfection

Halloween is all about fun, so why not throw some puns into your family Halloween costume ideas? Here are some silly but memorable costume ideas:

Breakfast Bunch

Start your Halloween with a chuckle! Dad can be “Captain Crunch,” sporting a white captain’s hat and a cereal box with a cutout face on his shirt. Mom can transform into a sunny-side up egg, wearing a yellow shirt with a fried egg drawn on it with fabric markers. Your little one can be a tiny blueberry muffin, dressed in blue with a muffin top hat made of felt.

Jungle Jam

Get ready for a roar-some good time! Dad can be a “bananas” gorilla, wearing a brown outfit with banana peels glued on. Mom can be a “lion” tamer, sporting a striped shirt and carrying a toy whip. Your little one can be a tiny “kiwi,” dressed in green with a fuzzy brown hat made of felt.

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Back to School Shenanigans

Time to hit the books (or avoid them entirely)! Dad can be a grumpy “school bus” driver, wearing a yellow shirt with black marker windows drawn on. Mom can be a glamorous “text” book, carrying a decorated cardboard box with letters and pictures glued on. Your little one can be a mischievous “eraser,” dressed in white with a black rectangle drawn on their shirt.


These are just a few ideas to get your family’s creative juices flowing! Remember, the most important thing is to have fun together. Talk to your family, brainstorm ideas, and don’t be afraid to get silly! So grab your creativity, gather your family, and get ready to have a spooktacular Halloween! With a little teamwork and imagination, you’re sure to create costumes that are both unique and unforgettable. Happy Haunting!

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