7 Halloween Costumes Have Become Boring & What Are Trending This Year

7 Halloween Costumes Have Become Boring & What Are Trending This Year

Hey there, Halloween enthusiasts! Remember that childhood thrill of picking out the perfect costume? Whether it was a cardboard spaceship or a sparkly princess dress, Halloween was our chance to transform into whoever (or whatever!) we wanted to be. But let’s face it, some costumes, like comfy old pajamas, have become a little, well, worn out. We’re talking about the ones you see everywhere year after year – the costumes that might have been cool once, but now feel a bit like last year’s candy corn (still delicious, but maybe a little overstaying its welcome).

Boring Halloween Costumes We Used to Love

So, why do so many people choose these costumes to the point they become overly popular? Well, maybe because they are readily available and everyone knows what you’re supposed to be. They’re comfy and easy to wear, especially if you’re planning on trick-or-treating or partying all night. Plus, everyone loves superheroes and princesses, right? However, too much of a good thing can actually be bad. Here’s why these so-called boring Halloween costumes need to go:

The Black Cat

Black cats are classic Halloween creatures, symbolizing mystery and a touch of mischief. But with everyone and their grandma sporting feline ears these days, it’s getting a little meow-ntone.


The Typical Witch

Witches are Halloween staples, brewing up spells and stirring cauldrons. But the pointy hat and green dress combo can feel a little predictable after a while.

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The Generic Superhero

Superheroes are awesome, there’s no denying it! But with the superhero universe exploding, just being “a superhero” doesn’t quite cut it anymore.

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The Classic Mummy

Mummies are spooky and iconic, but wrapping yourself in toilet paper can feel a bit… well, cheap.

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The Fairytale Princess

Princesses are timeless, but a typical ball gown might not be the most comfortable or unique for a night of Halloween fun.


The White Ghost

Halloween ghosts are classic spooky apparitions, but a plain white sheet can feel a bit lazy last minute.

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The Basic Bat

Bats are Halloween flyers, but a black cape and store-bought mask might not make you stand out from the crowd.

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Halloween Costumes that Ensure to be Hits This Year

Pop Culture Powerhouses

Dive into the world of trending TV shows, movies, and video games for inspiration. Think Eleven from Stranger Things with her shaved head and Eggos, or a terrifying (or hilarious!) contestant from the megahit Squid Game.

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Movie Magic Mashup

Channel your inner cinephile with a clever movie mashup. Combine iconic characters from different films – think Edward Scissorhands meets Beetlejuice, or a Mad Hatter tea party with characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Meme Mania

Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate internet culture! Dress up as a hilarious meme or a popular GIF. Bonus points for recreating the scene with friends! Imagine a group costume of the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme, or a hilarious recreation of the “Woman Yelling at a Cat” meme.


Mythical Mashup

Combine creatures from different mythologies for a unique look. Think a mermaid with a dragon tail, or a centaur with butterfly wings.

Group Costume Glory

Halloween is even more fun with friends! A group costume is your chance to be the most eye-catching crew at the party. Think “Men in Black” with your sunglasses on fleek, or a gaggle of adorable Minions causing cute chaos. Group costumes are guaranteed to create side-splitting memories that you’ll giggle about all year round.


Classic Literature Characters

Somehow, all classic literature characters translate beautifully to eye-catching Halloween costumes. If you’re into Regency romance fans, this year Halloween is your chance to live out your wildest Bridgerton dreams. Ditch the awkward “what are you supposed to be?” question, with a classic literature costume, people will be dying to know which amazing book you’re representing.

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So there you have it! This Halloween, ditch the predictable and embrace your inner creative genius. Whether you channel your pop culture fandom, unleash your inner bookworm, or craft a punny masterpiece, there’s a costume out there that perfectly captures your unique personality. Remember, Halloween is all about having fun and expressing yourself. So get out there, be bold, be creative, and get ready to be the spooktacular standout of the party! Happy haunting!

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