7 Fun and Easy Saint Patrick’s Day Games to Play with Friends and Family

7 Fun and Easy Saint Patrick's Day Games to Play with Friends and Family

Saint Patrick’s Day, observed on March 17th, is a day rich in Irish culture and history. It’s a time when people around the world celebrate with parades, wearing green, and enjoying Irish food and drinks. But what truly makes a St. Patrick’s Day party memorable are the games that bring friends and family together. In this article, we’ll explore some engaging Saint Patrick’s Day games that are perfect for adding an extra layer of fun to your celebrations.

Pot of Gold Relay Race

A thrilling game for a St Patrick’s Day party is the Pot of Gold Relay Race. Participants are divided into teams, and each team is given a bucket or pot. The goal is to transfer gold-painted rocks or chocolate coins from one end of the play area to the pot at the other end, using spoons or other creative means. This game is not only fun but also encourages teamwork.

Shamrock Balloon Pop

Fill green balloons with little notes that have instructions, jokes, or challenges written on them. Players pop the balloons and perform the tasks inside. It’s a delightful way to get everyone laughing and engaging with each other.

Shamrock balloon pop game
Shamrock balloon pop game

Leprechaun Tag

In this festive variation of tag, the person who’s ‘it’ is called the leprechaun. The Saint Patrick’s Day leprechaun must tag others, who then freeze in place until unfrozen by another player. This game is great for all ages and can be played indoors or outdoors.

Saint Patty’s Trivia Challenge

A trivia game focused on Irish culture, history, and Saint Patrick’s Day facts can be both entertaining and educational. This game can be played in teams or individually and is perfect for a more relaxed and conversational setting.

Saint Patrick's Day trivia game
Saint Patrick's Day trivia game

Guess the Number of Shamrocks

Fill a jar with paper or real shamrocks, and have guests guess the number of shamrocks in the jar. The closest guess wins a prize. This simple game adds an element of mystery and excitement to your St. Patrick’s Day party.

Irish-Themed Charades

A classic game with an Irish twist, players act out famous Irish figures, movies, or phrases while others guess. It’s a great way to stir up some laughter and get everyone involved.

Saint Patrick's Day charade game
Saint Patrick's Day charade game

Saint Patrick’s Day Bingo

Create bingo cards with Irish-themed images or words. As you call out the items, players mark their cards. The first to get a bingo wins a prize. This is perfect for a more relaxed game suitable for all ages.


Saint Patrick’s Day games are a fantastic way to enhance the celebration, bring people closer together, and create lasting memories. Whether it’s running around in a relay race or sitting down for a round of trivia, these games cater to a range of ages and preferences, ensuring that everyone has a great time. Don’t forget to pair these games with some delightful Saint Patty’s Day treats to keep the energy up and the spirits high. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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