9 Non-Material Gifts for Father that Ass-Kick All the Clichés

9 Non-Material Gifts for Father that Ass-Kick All the Clichés

Hey there, sons and daughters of dads everywhere! Today, we’re delving into the delightful world of non-material gifts for father. Yep, you heard me right. Forget the socks, the ties, and the questionable “World’s Best Dad” mugs. It’s time to get creative, because let’s face it, your dad deserves more than just another cliché gift on Father’s Day.


Find some exotic experiences like a hot air balloon ride, wine tour, scout camping, etc. and convince your dad to go with you. He might not be fond of the idea of doing such stuff but if you can get him to actually do it, he’ll be more excited than you thought. If he’s insisted he’s not going, don’t worry, try other great ideas below.

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Memory Jar

Ah yes, the ever memory jar. Don’t think that this is an over-popular non-material gift idea and you don’t pick it up. The memories between you and your dad are unique and always special. Just make your dad a simple memory jar if you’re not confident in your handicraft ability, you’ll be surprised at how well he receives it.

DIY Project Together

But if both you and your dad are crafty, why not take advantage of this occasion to bond by doing some house fixing activities together? Maybe fixing some old furniture but still in good shape, repainting a room, or even starting a garden. These kinds of activities are great in bonding father and son’s relationship, because all men have a thing for fixing things, am I right?

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Family Recipe Book

Your dad loves cooking and often competes for his place in the kitchen with your mom? A crafted family recipe book might be one of the great and unique gifts for dad. Help him to gracefully brag about his cooking skills with a beautiful and helpful recipe book designed by you.

Outdoor Adventure

While women love girls’ time in the house with pastries and flowers, outdoor activities are for men. Gear your dad up with outdoor necessities and, maybe take an RV if you have, or a van, and hop on a short but fun adventure together.

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Photobook or Scrapbook

Similar to memory jars, reviewing a family photobook with your dad can help you two recall beautiful memories that you thought you forgot. It will be even better if you can get your dad to sit down and perform some handicraft by making a new photobook that will later become one of the precious family treasures.

Virtual Game

Older parents might not be familiar with all the technology stuff going on, so why don’t help your boomer dad feel more fit in time by introducing him to a virtual game session with you? Bet you he’ll want more, because no matter how old he is, dad is just a kid at heart when it comes to fun and games.

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Hobby Class or Workshop

Wanna prove you know and care about your dad’s hobbies? Does he like planting? Aquarium? Register him to a class related to his hobbies or a workshop, and join him if possible. Your dad will really appreciate it when you know what he likes and support him in doing it.

Movie Night

Sometimes, a quality movie time with your dad is just as precious as any flashy gifts. Spend a night dedicated to your dad only with a selection of his favorite movie genres, favorite snacks and have a long movie marathon and skip bedtime, just make sure the next day is not work day.

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So there you have it, folks—a treasure trove of non-material gifts for father guaranteed to make your dad’s day. Go forth, decide your Fathers Day presents and spread some love, and give your old man the Father’s day gift he never knew he needed!

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